10 Days

Culture and Wine Country Tour in Northern Portugal (Fall 2022)

August 24 - September 2, 2022

Northern Portugal is a region rich in old traditions and idyllic natural and man-made landscapes. It is full of village charm, historic monuments and centuries-old churches, refreshing green (vinho verde) and fortified port wines, sausages cured with love, and a strong northern identity, unique to Portugal. Immerse yourself in the open-hearted friendliness of this region by discovering the beauty and history of its country roads!

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Tour Info

RATING SYSTEM: Level 2 (rating system info)

DURATION: 10 Days/9 night

Region: Northern Portugal

ACCOMMODATION: 4-5 star hotels (or similar)

PRICE: $3850/person (sharing double room)

Single Supplement: $100 – $350 (depending on group size)

Up to $200.00 Group Discount may be available

GROUP: Minimum 10 Travelers, Maximum 16 Travelers = Full Group (Discount may apply)

AGE REQUIREMENT: 18 – 80 years old

We will be following all COVID-19 protocols/precautions and staying in accommodations certified “Clean and Safe” (issued by the Portuguese National Tourism Authority)



  • 10 days
  • 9 nights at 4 – 5 Stars hotels (or similar)
  • 9 Breakfasts at the hotel;
  • Lunch or dinner in Guimarães; Lunch – Favaios; Box Lunch – Day 03; Lunch-Lamego on Day 04; Picnic – Day 06; Lunch at the Côa Museum – Day 07
  • Alcoholic beverages not included with any tour meals, except as noted
  • Standard Group Arrival/Departure Transfers: from Porto Airport to Hotel in Guimarães on Day 01 and to Porto Airport from Hotel in Porto on Day 10
  • Daily transfers from and to the hotel by Vans, Mini-bus or cars
  • Luggage transfers (one piece of luggage per person)
  • English-speaking Guides (entire trip)
  • 24 hour support line
  • Guided visits to Guimarães historic center, Lamego, São João de Tarouca, Ribeira de Piscos and Penascosa rock art sites, Porto historic center, and the Casa de Mateus, Vila Real
  • Guided wine tasting at Távora’s Agricultural Cooperative Winery on Day 05 (Alcohol included)
  • Guided wine tasting and Picnic at Murganheira wine cellars on Day 05 (Alcohol included)
  • Guided wine tasting at Quinta do Tedo on Day 06 (Alcohol included)
  • Bread-making workshop in Favaios
  • Entrance fees to Olive oil museum, Alberto Sampaio Museum, São João e Tarouca Monastery, St. Mary of Salzedas Monastery, Távora’s Agricultural Cooperative Winery, Côa Museum, 4 x 4 Excursions to Ribeira de Piscos, Côa Valley (as available)
  • Boat trip on Douro River with lunch on Day 06
  • Visit to the village of Castelo Melhor on Day 08
  • GPS tracks and mobile apps guide notes


  • Flight, train rides, museum fees, other not specified in included.


Northern Portugal is a region rich in old traditions and idyllic natural and man-made landscapes. It is full of village charm, historic monuments and centuries-old churches, refreshing green (vinho verde) and fortified port wines, sausages cured with love, and a strong northern identity, unique to Portugal. Immerse yourself in the open-hearted friendliness of this region by discovering the beauty and history of its country roads!

We will visit two urban UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the historic centers of Porto and Guimarães, the first capital of Portugal (1139 AD). Here, cosmopolitan elegance meets the historic mystique of old castles and battlefields, which unfold Portugal’s identity.

We will visit a rural UNESCO-designated area, the Alto Douro Wine Region, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world (1756). There, we will savor its famous Port and sparkling wines. This 2,000 year old wine-making tradition has produced a cultural landscape of outstanding significance, whose importance was recognized in 2001, when UNESCO classified 24,600 hectares of this wine region a World Heritage site.

The fourth UNESCO site we will visit is the Côa Valley at its Rock Art Sites. These sites tell the story of the area’s pre-historic habitation depicted on rock walls with thousands of drawings of animals, humans and abstract figures. The continuous human occupation of the region began at the end of the Paleolithic Age, from 22,000 to 12,000 B.C. and also demonstrates the first presence of an Iberian-Celtic culture in the region.

Centuries ago, the Cistercian monks cultivated the Douro Valley, dedicating themselves to the creation of a Cistercian architecture in the monasteries and churches they built. They decorated their buildings with stunning tiles (azulejos) and around the town of Lamego, we will visit examples of this architecture, Lamego’s Cathedral with Gothic tower and a museum that features a series of 16th century animal-themed altar panels attributed to Portugal’s great artist, Grão Vasco . Our Lady of Remedies Sanctuary (Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, 1761), is also on the itinerary and features a spectacular double stairway entrance to the hilltop chapel, lined with impressive azulejos and urns. At the top, we will enjoy an unparalleled view of the Douro Valley.

Other activities on our tour include country picnic lunches, bread-making, olive oil production, and wine-making demonstrations and an afternoon cruise on the Douro River! Come join us on an exciting learning adventure for a unique look into the past and present of the region that gave birth to Portugal.




Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Transfer from Porto airport to Guimarães

Upon arrival, join our guided tour of this historical gem of a city. We will meet the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques and spend time in the squares of Largo da Oliveira and the Castle of Guimarães. Here you can see what remains of the former monastery of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, its church and the beautiful cloister inside the Alberto Sampaio Museum or visit the Ducal Palace.

Overnight in Guimarães
Meals: Lunch or Dinner (depending on arrival time)



Thursday, August 25, 2022

Transfer from Guimarães to Douro Valley

We will spend the day exploring the World Heritage landscape and the ancient culture, gastronomy and traditions of the Douro Valley. We begin by learning how the double-cornered bread is made at a traditional bakery in the wine-producing village of Favaios. From here, a scenic drive takes you to one of the Douro River’s best viewpoints.

We will take a short break from wines to visit an olive oil museum and see the traditional production of olive oil, another important source of regional income.

Overnight in Douro Valley
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch in Favaios village



Friday, August 26, 2022

Douro Valley

After a hearty breakfast, we will collect you for more exploration of the heart of the Douro wine region. In the morning, we will be walking and driving along the north slope of the Douro Valley and its tributary, the Corgo River. We will access the Corgo walking trail in Povoação, and here we will walk along terraced vineyards with unique views of the Corgo River.

In the afternoon we will arrive in Vila Real to visit the Casa de Mateus, a palace considered one of the finest examples of baroque architecture in Portugal. Set in beautiful gardens in the Baroque style that feature a vast “cedar tunnel”, clipped box hedges, parterres and formal beds, the grand manor house was built in the early 18th century. If this place seems familiar, look on your bottle of Mateus wine and you will see why.

Overnight in Douro Valley
Meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch



Saturday, August 27, 2022

Douro Valley

Lamego, within the demarcated port area, is a pilgrim’s destination town where thousands come, at times on their knees, to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary at the Our Lady of Remedies Sanctuary. We will visit the site, which features an elegant double stairway with nine terraces, embellished with tiles and urns. The site dates to 1391 and the sanctuary dates to 1761. We will discover the architectural and decorative features of the tiny São Pedro de Balsemão chapel, said to be the oldest church in Portugal, which showcases Celtic motifs. Although modified, the 7th century Visigothic sanctuary remains. We will also visit the 12th century Romanesque Almacave Church.

We will help you explore the attractive historical center of Lamego, pointing out the different architectural styles of the Lamego Cathedral, including 12th-century Romanesque tower windows and a magnificent 16th-century Gothic facade. We will experience the beautiful interior of the former Episcopal Palace within the Lamego Museum, which houses five paintings on wood, part of the altarpiece from Lamego Cathedral, by of one of Portugal’s greatest painters, Grão Vasco Fernandes. Within the museum, we will also have the opportunity to see exquisite tapestries and Baroque chapel settings with carved and gilded wood with 16th and 18th century tiles.

Overnight in Douro Valley
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch in Lamego



Sunday, August 28, 2022

Douro Valley

The Cistercian monks were a Catholic order originated as Benedictines. 700 Cistercian monasteries were built in Europe in the 12th century. In Portugal, several of these Cistercian monasteries still remain and are characterized by an austerely impressive and elegant architecture that minimized adornment.

Just outside Lamego, we will visit the Monastery of São João de Tarouca built in 1255 A.D., Portugal’s first monastery of the Cistercian order. Its interior showcases 18th century tile panels, most impressively in the chancel that depict the founding of the monastery and in the sacristy where 4709 tile designs never repeat themselves. An additional treat is the presence of more work by Grão Vasco, a remarkable painting of St. Peter. We will also visit the St. Mary of Salzedas Monastery, another splendid example of Cistercian architecture. We will cap off our church visits with a trip to 16th century Santo Antonio de Ferrerim Convent to witness the beauty of the decorative ceiling and golden altar.

We will find out how sparkling wines are made using the ‘champagne method’ at the Murganheira wine cellars, a producer of DOC (Denominacão de Origem Controlada) wines. There are 31 DOCs in Portugal, meaning that these wines are from strictly defined geographical areas with permitted grapes and vine yields to control quality. We will also enjoy the bubbles bursting over our tongues as we sample the sparkling wines at Távora’s Agricultural Cooperative Winery in Moimenta da Beira.

Overnight in Douro Valley
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch in Murganheira or Salzedas



Monday, August 29, 2022

Transfer from Côa Valley to Douro Valley to Porto

Today we will taste the award-winning port wines produced at Quinta do Tedo, an 18th-century winery and learn the history of these vineyards on a guided tour. We will then climb the hillside to another renowned winery with enviable views where you can enjoy their wines with a picnic in the vineyards, overlooking the Douro River.

Next, admire the scenery from a different perspective, on a Douro River cruise, in the afternoon.

Overnight in Douro Valley
Meals: Breakfast, Picnic



Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Transfer from Douro Valley to Côa Valley

The Côa Valley has changed little since the Cro-Magnon roamed these parts, carving in rock what they saw around them. The Côa Valley Archeological Park was created to preserve one of the world’s most important open air sites of Paleolithic rock art near the confluence of the Côa and Douro rivers. Now it’s time to put on your walking shoes. We will guide you to the Ribeira de Piscos valley by 4×4 jeep (as available) to find the unusual Piscos Man and other examples of ancient rock art, but we need to be on foot. It’s an easy walk through the beautiful countryside but you’ll need help spotting some of the engravings. Bring your binoculars!

After lunch, we will deepen our understanding of ancient art and nomadic tribes at the Côa Museum, housed in outstanding contemporary architecture that resembles a rock outcropping. Take a moment to admire the views over the valley and appreciate the rugged landscape and the magnitude of the Côa Valley rock art site.

Overnight in Longroiva
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch at the Côa Museum



Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Côa Valley

The Côa Valley collection of rock art was discovered in 1933 and is estimated to be 20,000 years old. The area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. We continue our exploration of the Côa Valley this morning as we guide you down the track to the Penascosa rock art site. Just a little walking is required to discover the multiple overlaid animal figures pecked and scratched out of the rocks here.

Having seen some of the best examples of Côa Valley rock art in situ, it’s time to explore the area’s other highlights. We will take you on a tour of the medieval hilltop castle town of Castelo Melhor, established to protect the newly-formed country of Portugal from Spanish invasion. The 11th century castle, one of the best examples of a secondary Portuguese medieval fortress, sits on a commanding hill overlooking the Côa River. Constructed of schist, the dominant regional building material, the castle has withstood skirmishes between the Portuguese and Spanish for centuries.

Overnight in Longroiva
Meal: Breakfast



Thursday, September 1, 2022

Transfer from Côa Valley to Porto

This city is a vibrant collection of historic buildings adorned with the classic blue and white Portuguese tiles, a famous bookstore that inspired J.K. Rowlings, and a relaxing riverfront where you can stroll almost endlessly. It is fast becoming a favorite travel destination in Europe and was named a European Capital of Culture in 2001. The historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. There you will find panoramic views of vintage red-tiled roofs and the Douro River. The Cathedral District is a walkers dream with access to hidden jewelry shops, steep alleys and stairways, and popular eating and drinking venues.

The day is yours to discover the city of Porto at your own pace or by guided walking tour. If you plan to spend more time in Porto, beyond our tour, it is recommended that you buy a Porto Card for about $20.00 that grants you free access to six museums, 50% off at some Porto cellars and transportation.

Overnight in Porto
Meal: breakfast



Friday, September 2, 2022

Transfer to Porto airport

Meal: Breakfast

Enjoy more of Porto, if you have time before your flight. At the designated time, we’ll take you to the Porto airport by private car/van.